Our real Country is the whole World

10 Sep

Our real country is the whole world, we are member of the human family. Nations are artificial borders, man-made entities. Countries change throughout history, they appear and disappear, their borders expand or contract. Countries, Nationalism, Patriotism, are simply ways for the ruling class, the establishment, the elite to control power, divide people and control territories and all that it implies. Those ideas are meant to influence people’s emotional aspect, because they know emotion is a moving force. Governments and educational systems romanticize/promote the idea of national identity because it is the only way to get people consent but if you look deep into this, with open mind and intelligence, you will realize that we are being manipulated. If you fight only for your country, no matter what happen with the rest of the planet we will live in a hell, we all are in the same ship, so it is not possible to save only our small, tiny space. We don’t have to compete, we have to cooperate. Let’s be smart, let’s don’t be naive, we have been manipulated and brainwashed throughout history.

Source : unknown